The regional government of Mebidang synergizes over COVID-19

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North Sumatra Provincial Secretary (Sekdaprov) R Sabrina.(Humas Pemprov. Sumut)
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VALITO.ID | INDONESIA | The Government of Medan City, Binjai City and Deliserdang Regency which are known as Mebidang area are united and work together in an effort to overcome the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is important because the Mebidang area is an area prone to the spread of COVID-19.

That was conveyed by North Sumatra Provincial Secretary (Sekdaprov) R Sabrina at the North Sumatra COVID-19 Task Force Acceleration Task Force (GTPP), North Sumatra Governors Office Hall, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Number 41, Medan, Indonesia, Friday (15/5).

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The cooperation of the Mebidang Regional Government is important in accelerating the handling of COVID-19 in this area, said Sabrina who was accompanied by Acting Head of the Communication and Information Agency (Kominfo) Irman and Head of the North Sumatra Public Relations and Protocol Bureau Hendra Dermawan Siregar.

According to Sabrina, this area is very strategic considering its population and activities are very high. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic case in this region is also quite high, reaching more than 75% of North Sumatra data.

Previously, the cooperation to overcome COVID-19 in the Mebidang area was revealed in the Coordination Meeting for the Acceleration of Handling of the COVID-19, led by North Sumatra Governor Edy Rahmayadi with the Mayor of Medan, Mayor of Binjai and Regent of Deliserdang at the Command Post of the Task Force on the North Sumatra Governors Office, Jalan Pangeran Diponegoro Medan, Monday (11/5).

Delivered, these three areas are the main focus in handling the spread of COVID-19 at this time because this area seems to have no boundaries. Displacement of communities in these three regions is massive and the distances between these three regions are also very close.

These three regions must move together because demographically these three regions have populations that seem to have no boundaries. The wife of a Deliserdang, Medan husband, there was noon in Binjai in the afternoon already in Medan. We focus on these three areas especially Medan and Delisang which are the areas with the highest cases, said the Governor.

From the data distribution of COVID-19, Medan and Deliserdang are the highest areas compared to other regions in North Sumatra. As of Monday (11/5) recorded PDP-19 positive patients in Medan 132 people, 87 people PDP, 35 people recovered and 13 people died. Deliserdang positive 20 people, 19 people PDP and 4 people died. By tightly controlling these three regions, it is hoped that the number of COVID-19 infected cases in North Sumatra can be suppressed.

The implementation, North Sumatra Provincial Government together with Medan, Deliserdang and Binjai will carry out mask operations in the three regions. The government will distribute masks for free to the whole community as a reminder that outside the home must use a mask. It is estimated that this will be done for three days.

After distributing masks, it is hoped that there will be no more people who do not use masks when outside the home. If anyone is found not wearing a mask, they will be given strict sanctions. If people do not wear masks, they will not be allowed to enter markets, supermarkets, highways and other public places.

In addition to masks, the government will also increase hand washing facilities in public places and also the application of physical distancing. We will also strengthen the implementation of physical distancing, especially in crowded places like markets. With the help of all parties, especially the TNI, Polri and the Civil Service Police we want this application to run smoothly, he said.

Not only to the community, the Provincial Government and the three regions also agreed to crack down on cafes that still did not comply with the health protocol. To the entrepreneurs of cafes, places to eat or the like are asked not to facilitate people gathering or crowding.

After these three regions succeed, we will continue to other areas in North Sumatra. Hopefully before this Lebaran is over, he hoped.

Medan Mayor Akhyar Nasution, Binjai Mayor M Idham and Deliserdang Regent Ashari Tambunan agreed and were ready to support the policy. We will also support the Governors policy. One thing that we need to strengthen in my opinion is in the market, because the awareness of our community in the market is still very low, said Ashari Tambunan. (HPS / Red)

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